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Top High Movement Replica Omega Seamaster Men's Watch

Omega's first Omega Speedmaster was introduced in 1957 to provide accurate timing for scientists and athletes. NASA year for the preparation of Apollo moon mission, had anonymous purchase of different brands of chronograph and test, the results of the Omega Speedmaster watch is the only brand can be rigorously tested."Replica Omega Speedmaster Watch" Since then, Omega Speedmaster watches accompanied astronauts to participate in all missions, from the Gemini Gemini spacecraft to the Apollo Apollo, including 6 times landing the moon; from the space laboratory to the spacecraft plan, are astronauts to provide accurate Timing. Until now, it is still the world's only one has landed the moon watch, is also NASA and the NASA astronauts launch plan designated time.

Since 1957, the design has not changed, because the production process itself is extremely complex, in the actual assembly before the independent components ready to take 14 months, the single base assembly requires 80 manual operation, so skilled Skills, so that the realization of the moon dream of the moon!Replica Omega Speedmaster Watch This very unique watch models equipped with the movement for the year super professional lunar table prototype 321-type movement with the series of 1861-type movement. The dial is protected by a polyacrylic acid synthetic crystal watch. The unique miniature Omega logo is etched inside the watch, and the bracelet is further improved. The Omega patented chain pin system is equipped with the Apollo 11 "Eagle" mission badge.Now you can also have an Omega Speedmaster watch.We sell Replica Omega Speedmaster Watch.Replica Omega Speedmaster Watches are often less than the original 5% -10% of the price, so that more than 90% of the original quality,This is why a lot of re-engraved table can be exported to overseas reasons.Omega Replica Watch